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Monday, July 4, 2011

Uncle Bubba's Bistro

201 North Hewitt Dr Ste 4
Hewitt, TX
(254) 230-9700

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So last Friday we decide to check out this Bistro. We knew it was there but have never eaten at it. We had met my parents for lunch so when it came time for dinner we weren't very hungry. I suggested trying Uncle Bubba's and splitting something.

Side note:
Okay, So if you decide to come try this place don't be confused at where it it. There is another places called Bubba's Burgers. Bubba's Burgers is on the left next to Domino's. If you keep going down Uncle Bubba's is next to Super United IGA on the right (it is kind of tucked away from the road).

Back to the story:
We split the Chicken Fried Steak. It came with two sides. Since we were splitting it we went ahead at got the full order. OMG it was a lot! I chose Mash Potatoes and Gravy and Sean got Mac and Cheese.

 I really liked this meal. The steak was so thin and tender. I liked the potatoes because they still had some skin it them. The Gravy was nice and creamy.
 It roll was sweet like homemade ones. If that is the same kind of bread they make there Kolaches with I can't WAIT to try them!

The Batter clung to the steak, a trait I adore in Chicken Fried Steak. It was crunchy but it didn't come off as too hard to manage or bite through. The gravy was an awesome addition, thick and creamy. The roll was excellent as well, fluffy and compact, with no hint of dryness. The macaroni and cheese was pretty good. It wasn't your standard Southern Mac n Cheese thickness. It did have the right amount of cheese in it so as not to over saturate the plate with goodness. I don't care what anyone says, there can be a such a thing as too much cheese. 

The total price was $12.43
Sean's soda was $1.49
The Steak was $7.99 but since we got the full order it was $2 more.

We can't wait to go there for Breakfast and try the Kolaches!

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